OSIM uEco Genius 3-in-1 cleaner Review

Last week, my brother recommended a salesperson from Rainbow vacuum cleaner to my house to do a demo.

The vacuum cleaner was impressive, and also acted as an air purifer. The sales person began to purify the air with the cleaner, and some dust were gathered from the air into the water after just 5 minutes. She later did a suction on the bed and showed us the hugh amount of dust and dead skin from the bed. We were utterly impressed.

And the hefty price of the cleaner was $3242. OMG. As impressed as I was, I definitely won’t pay such a price for a vacuum cleaner.

So I began to look around the internet for a alternative. And in the end, after much hesitation if I needed such a vacuum, I decided to buy the OSIM uEco Genius 3-in-1 cleaner!


And the first time I got home, I unpack the cleaner and watched the instructional DVD. Omg, it feels so good when you are steam-cleaning the house. You can see the steam vapour doing wonders to the floor and you just sucked the dirty water back into the vacuum cleaner. Wosh! And it cost one-third of the price of the Rainbow cleaner haha.

It felt so clean after that, and so I guess the next weekend, we will be steam cleaning the bed and pillows, the windows etc. And this would be useful when Bunny arrived 6 months later =)

Oh I felt so uncle to write this post lol


After using it for close to 2 years, the controls for the vaccum cleaner is no longer working. It has withstood a few knocks here and there, and well, I’m trying to get in contact the OSIM service people.

After using it for 2 years, I realised it’s actually quite a chore to clean up the water tank everytime after you vacuumed. And the design of the water tanks are not really well thought of, as dust and dirt would still be trapped. You might wanna go down to see the design of the water tank and imagine how difficult for the dirt to flow out when you are emptying the tank.

Hope that the repair for the controls would not be too expensive, if not then it’s byebye for this OSIM cleaner. (Feb 2013)

Posted the DVD which comes with the OSIM vaccum cleaner. Here’s the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vboewe37covfuks/Osim_uEco_English.mp4



    • Ya I still do. The handheld spray gun was spoilt earlier due to knocks and wear on but I sent it for repair for $78. Still using the vacuum cleaner to steam clean my bed and carpet =)

  1. Alamak de machine faulty leh. When in power it will auto. Adjust the power from high till low. Low till high. How ah ?

  2. my handheld spray gun is giving problem to me as well. It works just only when the steam tube maintain at the certain angle. is it the same situation as yours, as I am thinking whether to get a replacement spray gun for myself.

    • My spray gun was totally unresponsive. No response even pressing the buttons hard on the spray gun. So in the end I brought it to Osim and did a repair for about $70. Replacement is about $140.

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